About Us

“Milleville Music” is an italian music publishing – production company and record label since 1989. You can see the many successs in our catalog. So to name a few:
* Ride on Time – Black Box
* Jambo (Hakuna matata no problems) – Boney M.
* I am superstar (musical Divo Nerone)
* I vecchietti fanno O (J-Ax)
* Stella che non splende – Ron
* Calling your name – Lady Violet
* No way no time – Lady Violet
* Just for me – Brio from Rio
* Numero Uno – Starlight Invention
* Grand Piano – Mixmaster
* As long as – New Mill
* C’est l’amour – In Grid
* Ignited – Beethoven vs Florida
* La testa su – White Widow

and many more…

Milleville Music provide an array of services designed to help songwriters, artists, producers and labels grow their careers and their businesses.

Our network abroad include major and top indipendent labels.

SYNCH: our songs are available for your film, trailer, TV show, or video game.

Feel free to contact us: millevillemusic@gmail.com

Milleville Music (Milleville edizioni musicali – SIAE – Italy)